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Laptops: How NOT to Beat the Summer Heat

how do you handle a hot laptop?

Look familiar?

Here are five things you shouldn’t do if you value your laptop:

  1. Catch some rays with your favorite mac. As an added bonus, prop it up on  your legs with the fluffiest beach towel you can find.
  2. Don’t clean your laptop up or attempt to remove blockages from the fan. You want that fan humming a seaside-sounding tune to lull you to sleep.
  3. Don’t let that machine rest. Summer nights are made for living, and let’s face it, you need your music, social media, banking, and Skype on at all times, just in case mom calls.
  4. Air conditioners are for quitters. As Canadians, we have an obligation to pay respect to the three months of nice weather we get by working outdoors (think patio, beach, on the family boat perhaps) as much as possible.
  5. Stuff that laptop in your beach bag when you’ve had enough. Time for a game of marco polo? Wrap that laptop in your towel and stuff it in your favorite floral beach bag. Nobody wants to geek out with a laptop bag in front of friends.

Please feel free to add to the list in the comments!


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