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Good morning, winter wonderland

Ah, I could hear it. The light gusts of wind knocking against my bedroom window like an alarm clock with a pleasant wake up call. Reluctant to accept the fact that I had to get out of my large, cozy, ‘sheets-that-were-freshly-laundered-an-hour-before-bedtime’ bliss, I covered my head with the soft down duvet that encompassed the warm, snuggly feeling one gets from a full night’s sleep. It didn’t take long before a feeling of dutiful guilt rushed over me and so I slid my legs off the side of the bed, dancing my toes around the floor to find my favorite pair of slippers.

I made my way over to the window and was met with a brilliant scene of winter. Delicate pieces of ice mingled on the glass forming an intricate piece of frozen art, the trees branches coated with sparkling fresh snow and birds delighting from the seeds put out by the neighbour. The pattern of paw prints and snow dog angels on the front lawn tells me her new puppy, Boots, is definitely a fan of sub zero delights.

Yes, it was the kind of vision that would inspire a photographer to take shots, a poet to write poems, and a commuter to groan in ‘slippery road conditions’ agony…

Good morning, winter wonderland.

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