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For My Heart, Day 2: Drizz(l)y


“My weight up, I refuse to wait up, I started a new race” – Drake

Intention can only get you so far. Accountability, that’s the ticket. Last night, I made up my mind to move forward with this goal, and then let the world in on it. And for me, when something’s written, it’s real. It exists. So hoodie up, head down, I braved the rain and got to stepping. When the Drake track popped up as I was heading toward the track, momentarily throwing me off track, I finally remembered why I thought of Baltimore every time I heard the Thank Me Later album. I-95 in ‘10…

Day 2: Drizz(l)y

With my pedometer app tripping, I decided not to and pulled out a pen instead. 13 strokes on my hand, one per lap – aka just over 5k. That was what I was aiming for. Then a few soccer kids took over, so I ended up dropping the one, ending it at three. 1.2k is still moving forward, right? All I know is that I’m not taking steps back.

What do you do when your plans get thrown?


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Big Ghost Chronicles Drake: Take Care review ***hysterical***

This is one of the wildest reviews I’ve ever ran my eyes across. That ugly cry-laugh-by-yourself-in-public type review.

Being that it’s come to a point where I cringe every time Drake mentions Toronto, I felt it only appropriate to share this.

What happens to artists once they get a deal? Can we tell em it’s a mixtape n then publish it mainstream? Would that be what it takes to turn radio around?

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