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For My Heart, Days 8-15: Going Off Track to Get Back on Track

Benjamin Franklin, electricity, kite, key

“Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin

Progress is a process, and during these past few days, I dedicated my time towards moving forward with career plans. I have amazing mentors, and a lot of knowledge is currently being put into motion. Yet ironically, one of the greatest lessons I learned is that some of my best ideas pop into mind during walks and jogs. So never again will I not find an hour of time to carve out for a time to sweat and reflect. Physical movement lends to mental movement, and with that kind of value, it’s ridiculous to even consider taking another week off from the routine. I can already tell the puppy is elated with this revelation.

What do you do to “jog” your creativity?


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For My Heart, Day 3: “Yezzir”

Pharrell Williams

“No incision in my vision just to get me where I’m at. That means I didn’t compromise; I stayed me for you. I stayed me for you.” – Pharrell Williams

“You don’t go for no ordinary Joe,” my mom said one time while I was professing my love for Pharrell Williams. I have to admit, she’s right.

As I set out to brave the sinister clouds threatening overhead for my daily trek around the track, the ‘why’ of it suddenly hit me. It’s because Pharrell really means it: everything he does sounds, feels, and looks like it’s from the heart.

13 laps = 5.2k

Those are the types of human beings I’m most attracted to. The sincere ones. The ones with passion. The ones whose creativity is intrinsic. They enchant me.

Maybe it’s because I feel like I can relate to them. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an insatiable curiosity for things. I could read before kindergarten, started playing piano at age 6, not because I was some kind of baby genius, but because I loved it. Spending hours just doing scales, or reading novels start to finish, or writing…it was, and still is, euphoria.

My Yamaha Clavinova, 20 years young

So when my heart and mind drifts to something in the past, it’s very unsettling. Can’t move forward if you’re holding onto something that’s behind you, right? Regaining balance is the reason why today I simply didn’t mind the rain pelting down on me as I methodically moved around the track, listening to some of my favourite tracks.

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