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I couldn’t help but wonder…

Life’s been busy these days. And while I’m grateful, it does get a little overwhelming at times. As an entertainment fiend, I often liken real life scenarios to movie scenes, quotes, songs, you get the picture.

So last night, as I curled up with my work laptop in my lap, MacBook pro on the coffee table, and email notifications still going off on my Android at 3:26 a.m., I sat back for a moment to quell the onset of writer’s block. Suddenly, a random thought popped into my head.

I couldn’t help but wonder: is there an online collection of Carrie’s questions? The answer? YES. One lovely individual has dedicated a blog to catalogue each burning question Carrie was compelled to include in her news column. If you’re looking for conversation starters, or something to ponder, I encourage you to take a moment to go through them.


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